Dog Food Dispenser Toy Chew Ball

This ball is a fantastic funny toy for your lovely pet. Includes built-in a special sounder, it generate quack sound when the ball is rolling.

Shake it before you throw it to increase your dog excitement.

Your dog will never stop chasing it due to the unexpected noises and the treats, which he knows, that are hidden inside.


Including hole at the bottom where the treats can be leaked from while your dog is playing with it. 
Made from non-toxic material, safe for your pet to play
Includesbuilt-in a special sounder that generate quack sound when the ball is rolling.
A wonderful toy ball to train your pet's intelligence
Designed with footprint and bone pattern on the surface
The size suitable for small, medium-sized and large dogs


Material: Plastic
Colors: Black/Blue/Pink
Ball Diameter:


S -  7.5cm/2.95inch diameter

M - 10cm/ diameter

L - 12cm/ diameter