7 Cold Weather Dog Care Tips you Need to Know

Are you hunting for tricks that will assist you protect your dogs during the winter period? If yes, the undisputed tips covered in this text will certainly be crucial to your needs. Basically, the cold winter weather can be as unappealing to your dog as it can be on you. Most people often forget that their fur- covered friends require to be protected from the nasty winter weather as much as they do.

It is appropriate you take the necessary precautions if you want both you and your pet have a fun- filled winter experience. Reliable cold weather dog protection tips will make your pet love the winter and prevent her from cuddling up on the couch under your cozy blanket. Here are some of the best winter care tricks for your dog that will see you keep her safe and secured during this cold weather period.

Here are 7 Cold Weather Dog Care Tips:

Tip#1: Protecting your Pet from Heaters
Dogs will usually attempt to find heat during cold weather and thus will go close to any heat source they locate. During cold winter weather, avoid using space heaters and consider installing a baseboard radiator cover to avoid your dog getting burned.

Fireplaces pose a threat to your dog and thus ensure you also have dog proof system, which will keep your heat- seeking pet out of harm.

Tip#2: Limiting Outdoor Time in Cold Weather
Your dog may like spending time outdoors; a factor that can make her get cold easily. Paws, tails and ears of dogs are often susceptible to frostbite during cold weather. It is appropriate you take your pet out for play, walks and exercise, but once the temperature drops, make sure you do not leave her outside for a long time duration.

Tip#3: Ensuring your Dog Sleeps on Cozy Bedding
Do not let your pet sleep on any cold place during winter period. Selecting the right bedding for your dog is crucial as it will ensure your pet stays warm. Make sure you have a dog’s bed and place it in a suitable warm spot free from uncarpeted floors or cold tile (preferably in a place that she sleeps often) so that the place does not appear unfamiliar to her.

Tip#4: Letting your Dog to Go Outside When there is Sunshine
If your pet feel the cold winter weather, it is ideal you walk her in early afternoon or late morning hours when the temperature is a little bit warmer. Let your dog play outside when it is sunny, as it will not only keep your pet warmer, but also provide her with vitamin D.

Tip#5: Grooming your Dog
Your dog requires a clean, well- groomed coat, which will keep her insulated properly. After you wash your dog, dry her thoroughly, particularly if you want to allow her outside.

Tip#6: Keeping your Dog Hydrated
A dog can dehydrate quickly in winter. Despite the fact that your dog will likely eat snow during cold winter period, it is not an appropriate substitute for water. If your pet normally spends most of the time outdoors in your yard, ensure she does not lack a water bowl nearby.

Tip#7: Ensuring you Have Different Dog Products Meant to Outshine the Cold Weather
Here are some of the best dog care products you should consider purchasing and utilizing during winter:

  • Raincoat - A dog’s raincoat will certainly offer added protection from cold weather and rain.
  • Pet Mat - A pet mat will keep your dog much warmer and make her love to spend most of the time in the house rather than going outside and experiencing harmful cold winter weather.
  • Dog Boots - Ice and de- icing chemical products can cause detrimental health concerns to your pet’s paw, and thus boots are a must have items during the cold winter period. Ensure you buy dog boots that are meant to keep her paws protected from any kind of terrain.

Bottom Line
There are many merits your dog will experience if you will purchase for her the right items meant to deal with the cold weather.

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