Dog Massage Bath Brush Glove

The rubber side can be used wet to bathe, or dry to groom.

The back side of the glove can catch loose hairs on the surfaces and smooth the coat.
Two hole on two sides of the glove for thumb no matter you use right or left hand.
Perfect for all coat types, long or short hair, wet or dry.
A breathable mesh material with an adjustable velcro strap .The Grooming Mitt is a great shedding brush alternative and works wonders on your pets coat. It is designed in a way to provide a massage that relaxes pets as well as stimulating the hair for a shinier coat massage. It can remove dull dead hair from your pet's under coat, revealing a healthy, shiny outer coat.


Product Dimensions: 25 x 16 cm

Material: 3D net, TPR, Electrostatic dust fabric.


Package Includes

1 x Dog Massage Bath Brush Glove

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